What We Do

Here’s the gist.

If you are looking to grow your e-commerce store, especially if you are running (or want to run) a Magento store, we are here to help. If you want to improve your site’s content, get better search engine rankings, try out new selling tactics, or enhance the user experience of your customers — that is, if you want to strategically increase the conversion rate of visitors to your store:
We want to be your team, your go-to people.
We are a small, flexible, online marketing team local to Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our focus is e-commerce and our preferred platform is Magento.
here’s Our approach

Data-Based Decision Making

Strategic Long-Term Store Improvement

Complete Transparency with Our Clients
what we do
We’re here to help you get done what needs to be done to grow your store.
We focus on several categories to grow your online store.





SITE Security

Whatever your project needs, we’ll do it.
Think of us as your e-commerce general contractors

Our job is to work with you, manage your project, and make sure you keep increasing your bottom line. Which specific tasks we handle, which tasks you handle, and which tasks we recommend a third party handles will depend on the size and nature of your business.

That being said, our work process generally remains the same.

It goes like this…

The first thing we do is analyze your store or your plans for a store. We look not only at the big picture (your site’s design, site traffic, conversion rate, etc), but also the nitty gritty details (the checkout process, URL handling, flaws in your code, and those sorts of things). Before we do anything, we want to get the full picture. After we do anything, we want to make sure it’s effective.


Based on the data from our analysis, we make plans, run suggestions by you, layout a timeline, prioritize tasks, and decide on tactics for reaching goals. Growing an e-commerce store requires an intentional mix of improving customers’ user experience, increasing search rankings, selling intelligently, generating new content, and maintaining a smooth-running site. Balancing these tasks takes continual planning and project management.


Here’s where we get our hands dirty. Once we know what needs to be done, we get to doing it! We design and develop sites, optimize them for mobile phones and tablets, install e-commerce add-on modules, generate new content for products and informational pages, find and fix site problems, manage selling campaigns, improve site function, etc.

If there is something we can’t do, we’ll tell you. And then we’ll find someone who can, make sure they do it right, and get the job done.


Measurement is the soul of our operations. If something isn’t working–if you are losing traffic, if customers are abandoning their carts, if your visitors are spending less time reading your pages–we want to know why so that we can fix it. Alternatively, when something does work–when your customers are buying more and higher priced items, or putting together valuable product packages, or interacting with your social media, we also want to know it!

Good e-commerce decisions are made on the basis of measured data, interpreted and guided by a healthy sprinkling of experience.

How Do We Work Together?
Glad you asked! Running an e-commerce store is a complex business–it includes an intimidating array of technical tasks and business decisions flanked by an unending march of minor details to be taken care of. For this reason, good communication, task management, and collaboration is essential–especially when you consider the importance of strategically balancing the areas of continuous improvement!

So how do we collaborate and strategically manage tasks?

First, for our clients within driving distance, we prefer to meet in person on a regular basis. When dealing with complicated tasks, we find this is the smoothest way for everyone to stay on the same page. For our clients who aren’t in driving distance, we recommend a regular meeting via Skype, Google Hangouts, or simply by telephone.
Second, we offer our clients a login portal on our site where they can see and manage how much time we spend on specific strategic areas (user experience, SEO, site content, etc). This system also provides a dynamic place for our clients to submit tickets and work interactively with our team. At the end of each month, we provide an invoice with a percentage breakdown of these same improvement categories so that we all stay on the same page in furthering the strategic plan.
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