Apple Pay, Magento & You

apple pay mobile paymentsToday, Apple announced its much anticipated mobile payments solution. If you haven’t been reading the tech blogs all day, we got you covered. Some have called 9/9/14 the day the credit card died. Obviously time will tell, but it does look very promising.

In a nut shell, you enter your credit card details once in your iPhone (either manually or by taking a snap of your card with your camera), Apple stores it securely, and you just swipe your phone (without having to wake it up) at participating vendors. So far McDonald’s, Subway, Macy’s, and Staples are among the many (220,000+) that will be accepting it at its launch in October.

Ok, so what does this mean for online retailers?

Apple will have a system set up similar to PayPal (button)…the only difference is…on your iPhone, you just tap the button & it’s bought – that’s right the end of having to type all your shipping info in & credit card details – is almost here! For the mobile world, this is a dream!

How will we be implementing it?

As more details come out on how to implement this payment solution on ecommerce sites (specifically Magento powered websites), we will be all over it. Our passion is to make the mobile purchasing process better & faster for the client, so you better believe we’ll be on top of this.

For more info, check out the very informative Apple Pay’s page: