Make Security Part Of Your New Year’s Resolutions

We’re at the doorstep to a new year, so there’s no better time than the present to check your site for security risks and brush up on your security habits.

Areas to focus on to get you started:

  1. Have all security patches been applied? (ask us to check or start with a free patch scanner at
  2. Have you changed your password recently?
  3. Have you run anti-virus/anti-malware scans on all computers/devices that access your store’s backend?
  4. Is your store’s backend URL unique?
  5. Do you have a backup plan in place?
  6. Is all the software in your site’s software stack updated/patched? (including Magento, WordPress, server side code such as PHP, etc)
  7. Are you adhering to the appropriate PCI Compliance level?
  8. Have you run, at the very least, an external malware scan on your site? (running one from the server side is always recommended, but a quick scan from Quttera or similar tool will quickly show you if you have any major problems)
  9. Have you been blacklisted? (here’s a good tool)

Hope that helps! Contact us if we can help out with anything or if you have any questions. Here’s to a safe & secure 2017!

Ps – Here’s some more security tips from a previous blog post: Magento Security Tips

Apple Pay, Magento & You

apple pay mobile paymentsToday, Apple announced its much anticipated mobile payments solution. If you haven’t been reading the tech blogs all day, we got you covered. Some have called 9/9/14 the day the credit card died. Obviously time will tell, but it does look very promising.

In a nut shell, you enter your credit card details once in your iPhone (either manually or by taking a snap of your card with your camera), Apple stores it securely, and you just swipe your phone (without having to wake it up) at participating vendors. So far McDonald’s, Subway, Macy’s, and Staples are among the many (220,000+) that will be accepting it at its launch in October.

Ok, so what does this mean for online retailers?

Apple will have a system set up similar to PayPal (button)…the only difference is…on your iPhone, you just tap the button & it’s bought – that’s right the end of having to type all your shipping info in & credit card details – is almost here! For the mobile world, this is a dream!

How will we be implementing it?

As more details come out on how to implement this payment solution on ecommerce sites (specifically Magento powered websites), we will be all over it. Our passion is to make the mobile purchasing process better & faster for the client, so you better believe we’ll be on top of this.

For more info, check out the very informative Apple Pay’s page:

Weixler DCS Cleaning Service — Back to Our Roots

Weixler DCS Cleaning Service Site DesignWeixler DCS Cleaning Service is the business founded and operated by John Weixler‘s family. It was there that he gained his foundation in entrepreneurship and it was while creating their first website in 2009 that he decided to step out and start his own business. Since then, our team has grown a healthy client base, learned new skills, and narrowed the focus of our services to those that we really excel at. In fact, because we are narrowing our services to focus primarily on ecommerce projects, we have not been taking on small site projects. But Weixler DCS is family, so we decided to revisit our roots.



Weixler DCS was looking for a basic, template-driven, up-to-date site that could highlight the three focuses of their cleaning services: office cleaning, house cleaning, and window cleaning. They have been providing these services in Lebanon, Dauphin, Lancaster, and Berks counties for over two decades. They have a strong reputation and a thriving business, but they recognized the need to grow their digital presence to reach the next generation of customers. A fresh, mobile-friendly, SEO-sound site has enabled to gain better ranking for their pages in search engines and confidently drive additional traffic via Google AdWords.


Introducing the New East Coast Diesel eCommerce Site

Over the last several months, we holed up in our office here at Wex for weeks at a time, working into the wee morning hours, to complete the new ecommerce site for East Coast Diesel, a performance truck parts store and diesel shop in Jonestown, PA specializing in South Bend Clutch, BD Diesel, Edge, AirDog, and many other performance diesel brands. A few thousand pounds of coffee (and nightmares in the form of running strings of PHP code) later, we launched the new site. Because it is an ecommerce site, it will continually evolve and improve, but we are thrilled with how it has turned out so far!


Previously, the ECD site was built on the Zen Cart e-commerce platform. It was lightweight, easy-to-understand, secure, and stable. So why put the costly, time-consuming effort into changing to the current Magento CE platform? Because long-term growth requires attention to the details.

You see, we made a lot of modifications to the Zen Cart platform to make it work as well as possible for East Coast Diesel’s selling strategy–but as their sales increased and their products grew, we recognized the need for greater attention to the details of their selling strategy as well as the experience of their customers. Thus, rather than modify Zen Cart into instability, it was time to move to a more powerful selling platform. Magento is more complex to modify than Zen Cart, and it requires a much more powerful (and costly) server setup to run, but its complexity provides the basis for a far more flexible structure.

Specifically, due to Magento’s powerful taxonomy, we were able to modify the ECD store to allow customers to sort product listings by price, manufacturer, the specific diesel truck they own, or any other category-specific product attribute. Customers can easily browse a single set of products through three different taxonomic menu breakdowns: product type, brand, and truck application. Like Amazon or other large sellers, East Coast Diesel will now be able to suggest related or complementary products that customers can easily add to their carts with the click of a button. Truck parts can be sold in customizable bundles, allowing the shop owners to create package deals.

Filters for Performance Diesel Products

Moreover, the Magento platform is an overall solid choice for growth. Even if it is not lightweight in terms of server resources, it is secure and stable. It has a solid backend for managing products, inventory, specials, sales, and transactions. It has a convenient login for customers to track their orders, request refunds, and print invoices. With our modifications in place, it has all the bells and whistles of social sharing options, easy contact buttons, and visual navigation.


In redesigning the site, we wanted to give East Coast Diesel a big, bold, masculine image while preserving the simplicity and navigability that is essential to ecommerce. Using the blues, oranges, and grays from their branding, we built the site with big buttons, a logo-based brands dropdown, and strong, clean typography. We put a huge slider on the homepage so that they can feature sales and new products, but we also put a box for their YouTube videos so they can show their customers that they are not just distributers–they are diesel truck drivers who compete in pro stock diesel pulls around the country. We also made sure to make the site responsive for mobile and tablet browsers, ensuring that their phone number appears at the top in the mobile version for those wanting to click-to-call from their smart phones.

East Coast Diesel's New Ecommerce Site

All said, we are excited to be a part of East Coast Diesel’s marketing strategy and we are excited to help them leverage the power of Magento’s many ecommerce features. Please take a moment to visit their site and tell us what you think: