Magento Full Site Analysis

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The ultimate tool to get your Magento site running efficiently & profitably!

  • This is NOT just another automated report! Real humans analyze each category by hand to give you a fully personalized analysis.
  • Covers SEO, Site Security, Speed Improvements and much more!
  • Prioritized recommendations that are unique to your store
  • Your final report comes to you in a PDF version AND a printed copy for your convenience.
  • 3-5 business day delivery

Product Description


What Is The Site Analysis Tool?

The Wex Marketing Magento Full Site Analysis is an in-depth report that gives you a thorough look at the health of your e-commerce site. It is NOT just an automated site analyzer! Our experienced Magento strategy and development team will spend 12-15 hours pouring over the details—small and large—of your site. We then organize our findings into the seven actionable categories below to provide you with a step-by-step guide to improving your online store.


How Does It Work?

First, we request your login information. Once we receive this information, we then schedule your analysis. Before we hit it hard with the analysis, if we are not already familiar with the site, we will take some time to click around, go through the checkout process, and in general get a feel for the site’s presence. Once we get a good grasp of the site’s current status, we methodically move through the seven categories (Store Setup, UX, Content, SEO, Security, Maintenance, and Selling), make notes as we go, and then assemble and prioritize our findings into an easy to read report. Once we’re done, we’ll let you know and setup a time to go through the report.


What Do You Get?

Your report comes in an informative printed version, along with a digital PDF copy for your convenience. Inside, you will find our specific recommendations for your company’s store. These recommendations are broken down into our seven strategic categories. Within each category, tasks are organized according to their importance. The recommendations will pertain not only to any gaps we find in your store setup, but also to ideas and suggestions for future growth.

Bonus (Limited Time Only)

If you are within 50 miles of our office in Lancaster, PA we will offer to hand deliver the printed analysis and walk you through what we found — at no additional cost to you! If you are outside this area, we will offer to chat with you on the phone about the results. Cool, huh?

The Fine Print

Although we will make recommendations on how to fix or improve particular areas — this is only an analysis — it does not include any service hours that may be required to fix, edit, or in any way make adjustments to your website. We will not make any edits without first consulting with you.

As thorough as this analysis is, this analysis for the most part only covers on-site factors. There are many other factors off-site that we may not cover and may be affecting your rankings & traffic. If we notice anything major as we are looking around, we may include it, but this is not under the umbrella of this tool’s offerings.

Due to print turnaround times, we cannot guarantee that we’ll get you the printed copy within the above time frame (for local delivery or via mail). This time frame only applies for the digital copy (PDF) that’ll be emailed to you.


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