Magento 2 Is Coming (like an 18-wheeler with its brakes cut)

Back on July 15, 2015 Magento 2 hit a large milestone in its quest to release into the wild the much anticipated General Availability (GA) release in Q4 2015.

Magento 2 was originally announced in 2010 (yes, you read that right) & was scheduled to be released in Q4 of 2011, but they decided last minute to scrap their plans of building on top of the v1.x codebase & instead decided it needed a major overhaul to support future growth. So here we are, a few years later, and the biggest ecommerce platform is set to release its much anticipated version 2.0!

What’s New?

  • Performance Improvements — For Example: Fullpage cache is now baked into Community Edition (can I get an amen?)
  • Improved Scalability
  • Upgrades will be much easier (leading to less costs for you!)
  • Leverages HTML 5 (finally) and an improved CSS Preprocessor
  • Customization process is streamlined
  • Front-end portion of the software is decoupled from the backend store logic (making updates much easier to test and reducing much of the risk incurred in earlier versions when updating storefront designs)
  • And of course, visual updates for the backend! (See below)

New Admin Login Page:

magento 2 login page

New Dashboard:

magento 2 dasboard

Simplified Navigation:

(The backend menus have now been moved to the left hand side, simplified, and visual cues added)
improved magento navigation

Cleaner Product Edit Page

(including easy enable/disable product in top right hand corner, drag & drop images, and the most used settings at the top w/ the advanced setting collapsed so you’re not overwhelmed)
magento 2 product edit

In Conclusion

It’s pretty hawt! We feel like a kid in a candy store and we can’t wait for the official release! That is all 🙂

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