Local E-Commerce Case Study

Local E-Commerce Case Study.

Appalachian Coffees

Appalachian Coffees approached us looking to take their family-owned micro roaster business online in order to expand their customer base and make it easy to people to quickly order more coffee.

With the smaller amounts of products they were going to carry, we decided to set the site up via WordPress and WooCommerce. This allowed for a much simpler backend for their team to manage, thus allowing them to fully take the reigns of running the store much more quickly.
Making original content for a coffee brewer offered us a chance to capture the look and feel of Appalachian Coffees with a consistent look across color palettes, lighting and overall aesthetic of their brand. We created a custom logo design and product photography, as well as staged and in-use photography for promotional use across their product pages, content pages and social media.

mobile friendly
Whether you’re in your kitchen, at a cafe, or on the go, we designed the Appalachian Coffees site to be mobile responsive. This means it automatically adapts to whatever device you’re using so ordering another favorite or trying a new flavor is only a few clicks away.
ecommerce partnering
With the simplicity of the WordPress and WooCommerce system, we were able to build and optimize the Appalachian Coffees store so that their team was able to easily manage orders and add products, thus allowing them to run the store themselves while working with us for additional development or design work.
“We have really enjoyed working with Wex Marketing in the developing of our website, logo and a few other projects we’ve had the last couple of years. They have been nothing but professional, helpful and courteous.

They took the time to sit down with us and teach us how to maneuver our website and even gave us some ideas for business development! They brought in a photographer to take professional pictures for our website, and really helped to make our product shine! We will continue to use their services in the future.”

– Appalachian Coffees