Certified Magento Solution Specialist

magento solutions specialistCongratulations on our very own, Daryl Gochnauer, for becoming certified as a Magento Certified Solution Specialist this past Saturday!

If you’re unaware of what a certified Magento Solutions Specialist is, here’s how Magento defines the role (quoted directly from their site):

“A Magento Solution Specialist is an expert user of the Magento ecommerce platform. Drawing on a deep background in business and ecommerce, the Magento Solution Specialist can efficiently align business objectives with Magento functionality, optimize use of native features, and avoid unnecessary customization. Whether as a merchant, a manager, a consultant, or an analyst, the Magento Solution Specialist knows how to make the best use of Magento technology.”

With a certified Magento Solutions Specialist officially onboard, we look forward to supporting & growing your business with excellence now & into the future.

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