Apple Pay, Android Pay, NFC and More!

We’re pretty excited about unboxing our new NFC reader from Square!


This is Square’s first foray into the contactless payment world, and as usual, it’s beautifully executed with the great UX elements. From the small details like including a sticker with Apple Pay and Android Pay featured on it, to also an extra original Square reader so you can still accept non-chipped credit and debit cards, it’s been a pleasure to use.


The setup process took about 2 minutes total, including downloading some updates to the Square Register app (in our case, it was installed on a Galaxy Note 5). You have to charge the reader via the included USB cord, which only took a few minutes.

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Functionality Vs Aesthetics



The other day, I was on a site the other for an organization I was considering visiting. The branding was beautiful, the site design was clean, bold and responsive.

And it told me hardly anything. There were no social media links, no contact forms, no message archives and barely any pictures of leadership or the building itself.

It struck me because at first glance, everything looked great: I WANTED it to be great, but it was missing some key UX elements.

As Creative Director here at Wex Marketing, my job is to not just make pretty designs, but create them with data-based decision making and the user in mind. In other words, make things that make sense and get you the information you actually want, all wrapped up in a design that looks good.

Here at Wex Marketing, our goal is to help you navigate the User Experience aspect of building your ecommerce store. Sometimes the latest UI trend in web design won’t fit with your branding and if it doesn’t, we will let you know. Your business is unique and our job is to balance modernity with effectiveness.

Magento Security Tips

Security is a hot topic these days. Below we have compiled a list of tips for both Magento & general all-around computer security to help put your best foot forward in securing your sensitive data.

Magento Site Login / Password Management

  • Know and limit who has access to your computer, your site’s backend and your sensitive data. (Would you trust them to watch your child? If the answer isn’t “Yes”, then don’t give them access.)
  • Change the default Magento login URL from /admin/ to something that isn’t easy to guess (will help avoid brute-force attacks)
  • Never use Admin, your store name, or something else that can be easily guessed as your username.
  • Don’t display or use the admin email address anywhere on the frontend of your site.
  • When creating a password, make sure it’s at least 8-10 characters, contains a capital letter, and doesn’t include any full words (the more “random” and less it relates with your business, the better!)
  • Although it’s tempting, never use the same password. For anything. Ever.
  • It’s best to change your password on a regular basis – we recommend once a month.
  • Never email, message, or in any way transfer passwords in plain text. If you must send it to someone, encrypt and password-protect that file. As inconvenient as it is to call and give the new password over the phone, this is a much more secure way of handling things.
  • Never save your username/password on your computer, mobile device, or on an online storage service (unless it’s encrypted/password protected)
  • Handle your hosting & FTP logins the same way – protect them like your child!

General Computer/Network Practices

  • Update and scan for viruses and malware on all computers that access the backend on a regular basis.
  • Never access your backend or work with any file that contains sensitive data on an unsecured WIFI connection.
  • Update your business WIFI password, as well as home or wherever you access your store’s backend, on a semi-regular basis. We suggest if you live in a well-populated area, it’s best practice to do this more frequently.
  • Password protect your computer’s user account.
  • Keep your computer’s operating system and programs updated.
  • If you work in a public place, lock or log out of your computer’s user account every time you walk away from the computer.
  • If you work on a network, know who is on that network and follow any further security practices your IT department may have in place or recommend.
  • Turn off Remote Access. If you don’t need it, we strongly recommend turning this off.
  • Turn on and use firewalls.
  • Backup your most important data (site database/files & computers) on a regular basis.

Other Practices

  • Don’t have your site hosted on shared hosting. Yes, it is more cost-effective at first, but not only is it generally slower — you can be affected by other sites that are attacked on that server. It’s best to make the investment and host your site on a VPS or dedicated server.

New City, New Beginnings!

downtown lancaster pa signIn an effort to position ourselves in a location that will better serve our clients both present and future, we’re very pleased to announce that as of yesterday, we have moved our office to downtown Lancaster, PA at 20 North Queen Street (Suite #201)!

We will be sharing office space with a company called Kinectiv who specializes in video work and branding. It’s a great opportunity, and we’re excited for the possibilities the future holds in this vibrant office space in a thriving downtown location.

Since our founding, we’ve been based out of Lebanon County and serving the surrounding areas. We thank you for putting up with us and providing us with plenty of exciting business adventures. Lebanon will forever hold a special part in our hearts! (Also to note for our current clients, your services will not change — only the address) We’re very excited to move forward in this new territory!

If you have any questions, drop us a note on our contact page!