Fresh Air, Fresh Snow, Fresh Direction

This past weekend we had the opportunity to travel to a mountainside cabin in Canaan Valley, West Virginia to work on future plans for Wex Marketing. 2013 has been excellent year for us–a year of facing big challenges, pushing our learning to new levels, and really hitting our stride. In the past four years, we have narrowed and refined the services we offer, creating our niche in the ever changing zone between marketing strategy and tech services. This year, after a series of successful projects, we have concluded that we are most in our element when we are working on ecommerce projects. The necessity of strategic thinking, technical competence, and measurement-based decision-making when building and growing online stores is both challenging and thrilling! So, having decided to focus our energies on ecommerce projects in the future, we headed to mountains to polish our plans and set new improvement goals.

When we arrived at the foot of our mountain in Canaan Valley, however, we found our way blocked by a formidable layer of snow on the road. Our little Stratus was simply not up to the climb, so we trekked our luggage pack-mule-style up the slippery path to our cabin (a free team-building expedition?) Despite the chilly start, it was a wonderful time of lengthy discussions, mile-long charts, massive amounts of coffee, hundreds of Post-It notes, and even a bit of relaxation.

We are excited to see what 2014 holds as we refine our vision and seek to serve our clients with new energy!

Mountain trek

The cabin


Post-It glory

Heated "discussions"!

More than you can imagine.

The mountaintop