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Wex Marketing is a small, independent e-commerce solutions team. We build, analyze, and improve e-commerce websites, especially those built on the Magento platform. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to help continually grow their online store through strategic improvements in search engine optimization (SEO), content generation, design and user experience, site performance, selling strategy and promotion, store security, mobile compatibility and more. Our approach is to emphasize data-based decision making, strategic long-term store improvement, and complete transparency with our clients.
e-commerce strategy


Like any brick-and-mortar store, growing an online store requires a balanced e-commerce strategy. When you work with Wex Marketing, we help you strategize, implement, and track your investments in all the areas necessary for growth.
user experience


Online shopping has changed drastically in the past several years, and it will continue to change quickly. We help our clients keep up with the times by designing shopping experiences that are simple and attractive for the devices their customers are using.
e-commerce seo


You can’t increase your sales without increasing visitor traffic to your e-commerce store. There are a number of ways to do this–but the best way is through organic search traffic. We take a natural, gradual, best-practices approach to SEO: making sure your settings are right, your code is clean, your site is fast, and your content is plentiful and unique.
security and maintenance


We are not a build-it-and-forget-it site building company. We work with our clients on a continual basis to make sure that their sites are not only growing, but growing in a way that remains secure for their customers. By maintaining a trustworthy, updated site, your customers will feel more confident purchasing from your store.
unique content creation


With so much competition on the internet, unique content for products, product categories, tutorials and suggestions are what separate good stores from mediocre stores. We can help you create fresh written and visual content for your store.
online selling strategy


Making more sales requires a good plan for selling. Whether you want to run holiday specials, offer discounts for customers who write reviews, or promote new products on your store’s homepage, we’re here to help you close more deals.
preferred platform magento


Magento CE is our preferred platform for e-commerce. We’ve built on other platforms for small projects (such as WooCommerce), but for serious projects, the flexibility of Magento is second to none.
cross platform responsive design


Customers shop online with their desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. We want to help you optimize your site for selling across as many browsers, devices, and platforms as possible to increase your market share.